How To Master Your Mind, Experience Peace First Hand and Eliminate Fear, Worries and Negativity From Your Life
Even If You Have A Busy Life & Mind!

Your ONLINE Home Yoga Retreat

What is an ONLINE Home Yoga Retreat?

Would You Like To Learn, Retreat and Discover More Benefits of Yoga and Meditation in the Comfort of Your Own Home? YES!

Finally you NOW have the opportunity to retreat with us ONLINE!

This might be the first time you meet us, but we know how you feel! Life can get busy and often be unexpected. We have therefore designed an Online Home Yoga Retreat in a way that you can take it at your own pace in the comfort of your home.

We see two kinds of people. The ones that feel as if they have no free -time (these are the people that often feel overwhelmed or lost) and people that have no free-time yet accomplish so much! I know which group I want to belong to! And you are right, it is not always easy to choose which group to belong to! BUT, together we can work our way there!

This can only be possible if we develop a peaceful mind, as a peaceful mind is able to listen to your needs, stay calm an organised even in midst of chaos. A peaceful mind has an overview of the situation is more productive and accomplishes the most!

A peaceful mind makes great decisions that leaves you feeling awesome, empowered and hopeful! 


Upon finishing this ONLINE Home Yoga Retreat you will feel:
You will feel nourished mentally, physically and spiritually.

You will be able to maintain focus and make nourishing decisions.

You will be begin to understand and recognise traits in your brain and physical body that tend to disturb your peace and the tools to stay in charge.

♥ You will be equipped with incredible tools to take your life to the next level!

You will feel confident and empowered to move towards living the life you dream of.

♥ You will be ready and prepared to have the best year of your life.

♥ You will be inspired and excited to add healthy habits into your daily life.

You will have a amazing daily journal to keep you on track.

All levels of yoga practitioners are challenged in the daily yoga classes.
Guided meditations. Meditate even if you don't know how to meditate!
Be heard, understood, challenged and supported by like minded people!

Hurry, This Offer Won't Last long!

Order Now and Get £379 Worth of Bonuses:


00 Years 00 Months 00 Weeks 00 Days 00 Hours 00 Minutes 00 Seconds
00 Years 00 Months 00 Weeks 00 Days 00 Hours 00 Minutes 00 Seconds
✓ Online Home Yoga Retreat LIFETIME ACCESS (Value £190): 3-day Online Retreat featuring yoga classes, guided meditation sessions, yoga talks and activities designed and led by international world class certified yoga teachers.

✓ Retreat Workbook E-book (Value £30): We have created the E-book for you with every page, activity and worksheets you need to complete this ONLINE Home Yoga Retreat.

✓ Extra Bonus Yoga Session (Value £25): Tune in to a bonus yoga session with us! Hit replay and enjoy the practice again and again, and again...

✓ Extra Bonus Meditation Session (Value £25): Meditating together is a joy! We welcome you to a bonus guided meditation session. This session will be available for replay.

✓ Bonus Transformational Experience (TE) (Value £50): We all have set idea of the world and what we are capable of and ourselves.TE's are designed to interrupts and challenge your these set ideas and give you new perspectives, realisations and move your boundaries so that you are able to see the world and yourself clearer. 
✓ Daily Gratitude Journal E-Book (Value £39)Often it is the small things in our daily live that makes the biggest different to our overall success and wellbeing. With this journal you will be able to direct your energy and focus towards your dreams goals to make them reality in less time.

✓Exclusive Private Facebook Group (Value Invaluable): Share, inspire and be inspired by retreat leaders and fellow retreat attendees.

✓ 3 Easy Nutritiously delicious Breakfast Recipe Cards (Value £20): lBreakfast sets the standard for your day. Make sure you being the day with style, power and joy with these breakfast recipes. Ready to print and stick on your fridge.

✓ Q&A  (Value Invaluable): Will Fisher and Malene Vedel, the creators of this program, are always available for any questions you may have! At the end of the retreat we will collect the most often asked questions and give our honest and knowledgable answers in a video. You will also receive a private reply to any inquiry or questions you have!

"Seriously Incredible. Will and Malene are two amazing souls that are so passionate about yoga and meditation. I’ve learnt so much from them and they have inspired me in so many ways. It was sad when the retreat was over but exciting to take home all the tools I have learnt. THANK YOU! Much love Madi x"

"I had been searching for the 'right' yoga holiday and this turned out to be exactly what I wanted, needed ... and more! Lovely Will and Malene from 'Complete Unity' are a confident, happy, knowledgeable couple and gave us the most fabulous yoga classes and meditation sessions"
"I am just back from the 2018 Incredible India retreat with Will Fisher and Malene Vedel and I still feel surrounded and comforted by the gentleness and compassion of these two beautiful souls. I have returned home feeling empowered, compassionate and ready to embrace some little changes that will have a huge impact on my life."
Limited Time Offer

ONLINE Home Retreat Programme:

Day 1 - Peaceful Mind

Welcome & Retreat Opening.

Online Retreat Guide: The 2 Completion Methods Approach.

Guided Meditation:

Yoga Talk: The Survival Brain.

Activity: Latent Patterns.

Yoga Practice: Re-programming.

Day 2 - Peaceful Body

Guided Meditation: Elevating Breaths.

Yoga Talk: How to Increase Your Peaceful Chemicals.

Activity: A Practical Approach.

Yoga Practice: Strength, Strech and Stability.

Day 3 - Being Peaceful 

Guided Meditation: Anchoring.

Activity: Surprise.

Yoga Talk: Bee Pranayama & Benefits.

Yoga Practice: Bee Peaceful.

Retreat Closing & Continuing The Peaceful Mind.
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Frequently Asked Questions
What if I miss a LIVE session?
You get life-long access to a replay of the live sessions. We know it can be hard to fit everything into a day and sometimes we need to adjust our plans as things pop up. After the LIVE sessions we make sure you can access the sessions! So that you can hit replay, watch again and again whenever you want!
Can I do this course even if I don't have much time?
Yes! You get lifetime access to all content. This way you can complete the course in three days or take as much time as you need. You can also watch the content, the yoga classes and the guided meditations as many times as you wish.
When can I start the Online Home Yoga Retreat?
Right now! We have put this up for you to join now. Wait no longer to feel peace, contentment and well-being NOW is your opportunity! Go grab the future that you deserve!
What do I need to start today?
All you need is you, a space to practice yoga and meditation. It is nice to use a yoga mat and a meditation cushion. You can always grab a cushion from the couch. If you prefer to sit on a chair for meditation, you are so welcome to, go for it!
I have never done yoga, can I participate?
Yes! We make sure that you are thoroughly guided, supported and safe moving on the mat. It is a great place to begin your practice and you will very quickly discover the empowering benefits of yoga and meditation.

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